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  • Shouguang Lu Li Wood Industry Co., Ltd:Lu Li wood company belonging to the National Key Forestry Enterprises -- Luli Group Co. Ltd. is a national large-scale wood processing enterprises a plate, wood processing, operating in one, is one of the largest enterprises, domestic wood-based panel manufacturing industry in national forestry standardization demonstration enterprise. Jinluli gluelam, blockboard, wood flooring and other products have been rated "brand-name products in Shandong province", won the national environmental protection system certification, the products are sold to all provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions, but also exported to Europe, the Middle East, South Africa, Japan and South Korea and other more than 40 countries and regions.
    The company's main products include: OSB, timber, blockboard, particleboard, wood flooring, decorative panels, ecological plate, high light UV decorative board, veneer, wood, natural mosaic board ten series more than 300 varieties.
    As the wood processing industry leading enterprises, the company has passed the international quality system certification, and the double Chinese environmental mark product certification, FSC/COC international chain of custody system authentication and the CARB authentication.
    The company now has an annual output of 1 million cubic meters of plywood series (a full set of production lines, mainly including: production line with annual output of 1 million square meters, with an annual output of 300 thousand cubic meters of wood flooring, OSB particleboard production line, annual production capacity of 100 thousand cubic meters of timber production lines, with an annual output of 300 thousand cubic meters of timber, sheet metal processing, drying production line) used in all domestic first-class equipment, fully the use of modern science and technology combine to create high-quality raw materials, low price, high quality "Jinluli" series of wood-based panel products. To build our company into a wooden production base to lay a solid foundation.
    Shandong Shouguang Hou town welfare plywood factory was founded in 1987, is one of the core enterprises large national forestry enterprises -- Luli Group Co. Ltd. was established nearly 30 years, development of the concept of "green, follow the high-grade, health, environmental protection", leading products, plywood, plywood, decorative veneer, wood technology, impregnation the paper melamine veneer, wood structure board, fire retardant board and other dozens of wooden plate products, our factory always adhere to the product quality and consumer satisfaction in the first place, products in the domestic sales, exports accounted for 1/3 of all products at home and abroad, the sheet metal industry have a higher visibility and has been approved by ISO9001 ISO14001 international quality management system certification, environmental product certification marks China. Factory in environmental protection decorative materials research and development and marketing has been in the leading position in china. Resource optimization continuously for thirty years, the company's brand, scale, development ability, human resources, procurement and marketing network logs to form a clear advantage in the same industry in China, so as to ensure the steady improvement in the performance of the company.
    In recent years, through continuous innovation, according to market demand to develop "Jin Luli" thick core wood structure plate, "Jin Luli" ecological plate new technology products into the market since, with its high strength, no deformation, zero formaldehyde release etc., welcomed by customers. In the development of enterprises at the same time, Shandong Province, Shouguang Hou town welfare plywood factory in mind the social responsibility, the courage to take part in the surrounding area for disabled persons, the enterprise employment, so that they support themselves through labor, but also reduce the burden for the society.