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  • Shandong Luli Home Furnishing Co., Ltd.:Shandong Luli Home Furnishing has the largest whole-house customized home furnishing industry 4.0 intelligent manufacturing base in northern China. It is an ecological chain platform dedicated to the development, production, sales and channel services of environmentally friendly materials and customized home furnishings. Since its establishment, Shandong Luli Home Furnishing has always been consumer-oriented and customer health and safety as the goal, applying S2B2C+Internet+online+online+offline marketing ideas to create a brand new business model.

      Luli Home Furnishing belongs to Shandong Luli Group Co., Ltd. The group company was established in 1985. After 35 years of development, Luli Group has developed into the first batch of national forestry key leading enterprises, national forestry standardization demonstration enterprises, Shandong province circular economy pilot enterprises, and Shandong province intelligent manufacturing pilot demonstration projects. "China Top 500 Private Enterprises", "China Top 500 Manufacturing Enterprises", "Shandong Top 100 Enterprises". The company owns Luli Steel, Luli Wood, Luli Decorative Paper and Luli Home Furnishing industries. At present, the company has a total registered capital of more than 1.5 billion yuan, more than 10,000 employees, and covers an area of 8,700 acres. Luli Wood now has a complete production line of wood-based panel products with an annual output of 1 million cubic meters and the world’s largest veneer Oriented strand board (OSB board) production line with an annual output of 300,000 cubic meters. It is expected to plan to build 16 standard workshops and introduce 22 advanced foreign production lines. The products cover more than a dozen series and hundreds of varieties such as plywood, multilayer board, oriented structure board, and particle board. Make full use of modern technology combined with high-quality raw materials, and strive to create low-priced, high-quality "Jinluli" series of wood-based panel products, which has laid a solid foundation for building our company into a high-quality wood product home production base. At the same time, the company has successfully passed ISO9001/14001 international quality, environmental system certification, China environmental labeling product certification, FSC/COC international production and marketing chain of custody system certification, US CARB certification and Japan JAS certification.

      In 2018, Luli Wood, taking advantage of the "new and old kinetic energy conversion and supply-side reform proposed by the Shandong Provincial Government", in order to comprehensively accelerate enterprise development, promote industrial upgrading, and optimize product structure, it plans to invest 10 billion yuan to build Luli Wood. Eco-industrial park covers an area of about 2 million square meters (about 3000 acres), all use coastal saline-alkali tidal flats, adopt international first-class equipment, based on the processing of non-formaldehyde wood industry and photovoltaic power generation, and realize the comprehensive utilization of resources . It is expected to take 3 years to grow into a resource comprehensive utilization type ecological wood industry cluster integrating log import, high-end wood board production, furniture design and manufacturing, trading market and logistics center. Therefore, in 2019, Shandong Luli Home Furnishing Co., Ltd. was established. With the help of good policy opportunities and strong corporate support, the company adopts a new "hardcover + post-customization" new model of whole-house custom home furnishing, featuring intelligence and full automation, and relying on the existing German 4.0 industrial production line through electrical automation Integrated control realizes intelligent production control, realizes intelligent customization from log entry to furniture molding, builds a leading industry "smart factory", and provides hardware support for intelligent production of the whole house. The company’s existing high-tech production lines, stable industrial chains, and advanced production processes provide environmentally friendly, high-quality, and guaranteed panels for our home decoration, creatively subverting the previous traditional marketing model, innovating brands, innovative products and Strong price advantage, regular training, and perfect service mechanism provide agents and terminal owners with a full range of beautiful home experience.

      Looking to the future, we will adhere to the business philosophy of "being gratitude, seeking truth and being pragmatic", vigorously promote product research and development based on customer needs, continue to upgrade the design, production, marketing and other service systems, and actively accelerate the construction of marketing teams , And strive to promote the good home furnishings made of Luli good board to China, and even the world, so that more people can use Chinese good home furnishings!